Tree planting of fruit trees, hedgerows and forestry in Kent

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The Upper Medway IDB has hired the services of Goldings Agricultural Services for the last two years to control the spread of aquatic weed growth using Herbicide in a number of important waterways around Kent. They have helped me tremendously organising all the relevant licences and paperwork with the Environment Agency. I would recommend using Goldings to anyone for the simple reason they are reliable and personal hands on approach. They have saved the Board thousands of pounds overall and made my life easier.

Thank you.

Mike Watson
Upper Medway IDB

Tree Planting

Over the years, we have planted many thousands of trees, so we know exactly how important it is to give these trees a good start. We handle seeding’s with a lot of care when first planting them into the ground and making sure the procedure is undertaken correctly.

As part of our service we can also mark out, stake, guard and tie trees. Plus we are always happy to fit in with your requirements, whether you need us for the whole project or just for part of the job.

With experience in the following tree planting areas and more, please call us to discuss your requirements further.

Fruit Trees
Woodland & Forestry
Cane Fruit
Bush Fruit
Gapping Up

We plant trees for many different reasons some being for the environment and some for production purpose.

Ash Trees

There is an on-going disease that are affecting ‘Ash Trees’ called Chalara dieback of ash (Chalara fraxinea) if you need one of our specialist to take a look at your ‘Ash Tree’ we would be more than happy to diagnose and replace the tree if needed/want this service. A lot of new ‘Ash Trees’ are being replanted everyday due to this disease so it best to recognise this problem sooner rather than later to stop the disease spreading.

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Spraying Services

Agricultural Spraying

Amenity Spraying

Woodland & Forestry


Weed & Pesticide

Industrial & Knapsack

Water Bank Spraying

Japanese Knotweed

Giant Hogweed

Spraying Qualifications

PA1 Spraying

PA2 Spraying

PA3 Spraying

PA4 Spraying

PA6 Spraying

PA6w Spraying

Tree Planting

Fruit Trees

Woodland & Forestry

Hedgerow Planting

Cane Fruit

Bush Fruit

Gapping Up


Fruit & Orchard Work


Spraying PA2, PA3 & PA4

Marking Out & Planting

General Tractor Driving

Harvesting Help


Arable Work




Hop Garden & Vineyard

Wirework Main

Spraying PA2, PA3 & PA4


Harvesting Help




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